The Dress in The Dilly Tree

As a photographer, I particularly enjoy coming up with creative ways to capture the special significance of the carefully selected items my couples have chosen to include as a part of their wedding day.

While shooting a Garden Wedding at an enchanting seaside property, I spied the perfect opportunity to capture the bride’s gorgeous, beaded lace gown swinging in the branches of a Sapodilla ‘Dilly’ Tree. This magnificent tree, gracefully emerging from the white wooden porch, combined with the quaint charm and old-world style of this uniquely Bahamian family home, created quite the picturesque setting.





Dress:  Beaded Lace Trumpet Wedding Dress in Champagne Ivory by David’s Bridal

Real Wedding: Alana + Grouper / April 2 2016

Venue: Private Residence, Eastern Road, Nassau, N.P., The Bahamas

All images by Dede Brown – Art Design Photography, Copyright 2016



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